2017 Music

I know, I know: everyone else wrapped up their best of 2017 list a month ago.  But here it is.   Also, I know that nobody reads these, and therefore I am shortening the list to the top 3 albums, and the best stand-alone track.  

Having just said that, I ‘m going to diverge because I have to mention the music from Twin Peaks: The Return.   Watching this series over the summer was a mostly frustrating experience, but then maybe that’s the point. However most episodes included a full length song performance from the “Bang Bang Club” including several amazing tracks.  They weren’t new in 2017 but I feel like sharing them anyway.

Rebekah Del Rio’s “No Stars” is nothing short of stunning.   And I really, enjoyed the Chromatics “Shadow” and the Cactus Blossoms “Mississippi“.  Check them out, really!



Easily my top pick for the year. The best moments on this album feature vocals over the quiet glitchy instrumentals.   Listen to “Hope


Girių Dvasios Tyla

Girių Dvasios is a dub techno, electronic dub and ambient music project inspired by the Lithuanian forests.  I listened to this a lot this year.  You should listen to “galia“.


Manu Delago Metromonk

Manu Delago is a percussionist who plays the hang, which is kind of an prolapsed steel drum.   He manages to tease some beautiful sounds out of what looks like a giant cooking pot.  Listen to “A Step

One Track

Here is the single track that I think was a 2017 standout, even though it doesn’t come from any of the albums above.

For anyone with a taste for history or the very bored: Here are the lists from 2016201520142013, and 2012.

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