Every week the NY Times mag lists things that they view being neither good nor bad, but "Meh".  Add the Emmylou Harris - Rodney Crowell - Richard Thompson concert last night at Massey Hall to the list. All 3 performers are on my "B" list - i.e. worth listening to from time to time, but [...]

2012 Music

2012 Music

I do this every year, but don't always broadcast my favourites.  I think the new music released this year was outstanding.  I definitely listened to more ambient/electronic music than I have in the past, but Joan Osborne is on the list, and that's just a great straight-ahead blues recording, and some of my favourite tracks [...]

A (very minor) milestone

27 May 2006 was a Saturday.  I remember sitting in the back-yard and reading a story in the paper about internet music sharing services: Pandora, and others.   I signed up for both Pandora and, but Pandora's Canadian availability was short-lived. I have, however, stuck with for the past 6.5 years and [...]