Whistler – March Break


Originally Posted: Saturday, March 20, 2010

On this, our 6th trip to Whistler, we had 5 days of skiing: 2 awesome, 2 very respectable and 1 absolutely soaking wet.  All these photos were taken on the last day, which was awesome.

This year I signed up for this 2-day “Steeps Clinic“, ’cause I can always use a little help on the steep stuff.  Colin did Ride Tribe for the same 2 days.

The first day of the Clinic was great – 6-8” of fresh snow had fallen overnight – and we skiied a variety of terrain from tight trees (I still suck in that department) to steep open bowls on Whistler.  I think it really helped my skill/confidence.  By the end of the day, I was completely whacked.

Day 2 was a disappointment because the weather did not co-operate.  A warm front had moved in, and it was raining over most of the mountain.  The high alpine lifts didn’t open all day, so we had to ski in the rain on the lower runs.   We spent time in moguls and, again, it definitely helped my skiing, but being soaked and skiing heavy wet concrete wasn’t a ton of fun.

On the day after the clinic, a cold front moved in from the North….conditions were much better.  Colin met up with a classmate from Blakelock, so I spent the day on my own.   Amused myself by taking the video clips below.

Our last day was a spectacular bluebird day and all the pictures here were taken on that day.  I told Colin as I took off my skis for the last time that I thought that it might have been my best day of skiing ever. 

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