K3 Cat Ski and Revelstoke

Originally posted: January 16, 2011

Andrew and I headed west again this year for some skiing in and around Revelstoke. We spent two days at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. We spent 2 days at RMR, and logged some pretty good vertical: not too hard when one lap on the gondola + Stoke chair is about 5,000 feet.

Then we moved on to Sicamous, B.C. for a couple days of cat skiing with K3. Photos have been added to my 2011 gallery.

The snow at RMR was getting thin in places, but it started snowing on the day we left, bringing lots for fresh powder for our cat ski adventure.

By day two, there was so much snow that the road to Revelstoke was closed and only the 4 of us (Andrew, me and two others) staying in Sicamous were able to get to the snow-cat. It wasn’t easy as the K3 trucks had trouble navigating the logging roads to the staging area. The snow-cat had to come back down the road to pick us up.

We did 10 runs on fresh snow each day. By the end of both days, my legs were aching and I choose to ride out on the snow-cat for the last 1/2 run. Better that than push myself past my limit on the last run.

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