In Majestic and proud splendor

Oregonians are an active bunch. . . but they also appreciate a good ol’ boy float down the Deschutes River in Bend, on a hot Saturday afternoon.


It’s a far cry from the 4th of July celebration from 1935-65, when local businesses and community groups built large illuminated floats that literally floated down the river after the fireworks. The highlight being the giant swan float, carrying the queen.

From a historical plaque near the river…

Draped in a long royal cape, holding an ornate scepter, and capped with a jeweled crown, each year the queen was announced with the following prose: “In Majestic and proud splendor floats the mirror pond swan, bearing his burden of royalty and charm. Behold the Queen! Let everyone bow before her majesty. This royal retinue shall reign supreme. Hail the Queen!”

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