Roadtrip: Fallingwater

After Pittsburgh, we drove to Fallingwater, the home designed for Edgar Kaufman, owner of Kaufman’s department stores in Pittsburgh.  You know this place, even if you don’t think so, you do.

Fallingwater 3
Fallingwater 3

The picture above, is probably duplicated in hundreds of thousands of vacation photo albums. See here, or here, or here.  It’s a stunning building to look at, and I really liked the open living area, with its cantilevered terraces (couldn’t count the number of times our guide mention cantilevers). . . but . . .

Fallingwater 2
Fallingwater 2

Wright designed the building to follow the contours of the waterfall, which means the floor and ceiling positions, hence ceiling heights, are a given.   High ceilings were, according to Frank, a waste of space and heat.

Maybe Edgar Kaufman was a short guy, but I found myself ducking as we moved about the building.  I never actually bumped by head, but in a couple places I could, if I stood on tip-toe, make contact.

You don’t have to be a Hobbit to live here, but you would be more comfortable.

Fallingwater 1
Fallingwater 1

Next, the Asheville-Nashville tour.

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