We arrived bedraggled in Wyoming, due to the 2:30 wake-up call for the very early flight, as well as the previously noted “baggage delay”. I have to say that the folks working in hospitality here in Jackson are extraordinarily helpful. . . Even the woman with the unenviable job at the airport baggage desk.


Of course, first order of business is to check out the town. We had lunch at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. The first clue that it might be the real deal was that every barstool is actually a saddle. Second clue was that they serve their beer in cans – a glass is a special request. To seal the deal, they had a glass case with a stuffed bear which, the story goes, was killed by a hunter in a bare knuckle fight. With his fist lodged in the bear’s jaw, the hunter bit into the bear’s jugular until the bear weakened from loss of blood, and ultimately died. They don’t fool around in Jackson.


Our baggage was delivered in the evening, so Colin and I were set for skiing/boarding the next day. It even snowed that night. On our first run we took the tram to the peak; there are only black diamond routes down from here. Unfortunately, it was minus 12 degrees, with strong winds and close to zero visibility.


We traversed along the top of Rendezvous Bowl looking for a path, or even to see how steep the slope was but we couldn’t see a thing. It was like skiing in milk. Eventually we just bit the bullet (this being Wyoming after all) and dropped in, hoping for the best.

Of course it all worked out, although not without tumbles. Kinda glad now that I did that skiing with your eyes closed drill with Extremely Canadian last year.

We skied hard for the rest of the day and it even cleared up a bit later in the morning. We, well I, finished the day with muscles aching, badly.

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