Substrata 1.3 – Yagya – 2

Substrata 1.3 - Yagya - 2

Yagya is the nom de plume of Icelandic minimalist Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson, a core member of Reykjavík’s Thule Musik collective and as one half of the famed Plastik (on Static Caravan).

His works as Yagya concentrate on atmosphere and mood, a drifting sensibility blending wisps of cottony-soft dub chords and gaseous drones over pulsing bass tones – a harmonious collection of delicate pieces and minimalistic phrases. In all, he perfectly balances techno, house and ambient structures with majestically beautiful and subtle melodic motifs, creating an opiate-like aural pleasure.

His 2002 debut LP, the aptly titled “Rhythm of Snow” (for legendary German label Force Inc./Mille Plateaux) was deeply influenced by the works of GAS, Philip Glass, Brian Eno and Basic Channel. This album, like many other great ambient techno records, explored “endless looping” possibilities, playing with our perceptions and leaving us the impression of having no beginning and no end.

The reclusive Guðmundsson has continued to released music on a consistent pace, while making rare live appearances at selected events around the world, most recently at Sónar Festival’s Reykjavík edition in February 2013. Guðmundsson will be debuting new material written specifically for his Substrata appearance – expect a sonic convergence of field recordings, drones, floating bass tones and Icelandic melancholia.

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