OWF Returns

HVW + Sue and Scott Masterson
HVW + Sue and Scott

The Oakville Waterfront Festival returned this weekend, after a 3 year hiatus.   Since  a) it happens at the end of our street and b) it is now free, we dropped in with friends and neighbours for several shows over the weekend.

We got drenched at Kathleen Edwards’ show on Friday, but enjoyed the performance anyway.

The weather cleared up for Saturday and Sunday, and we caught sets by Devin Cuddy (new to us), Elliott Brood, 54-40, the Skydiggers and Corb Lund & the Hurtin’ Albertans.  Enjoyed them all, but Corb Lund in particular.  Felt like I was back at Klondike Days in Edmonton during the summers I spent there in the late 70’s.

Also new this year, due to change in Ontario’s archaic liquor laws, was the ability to enjoy a beer at the performances.  Previously alcohol was restricted to a confined area, away from the performances, which kind of defeated the purpose IMHO.

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