Just another dia in BA

Academia Buenos Aires
Academia Buenos Aires
Academia Buenos Aires

Today was a pretty normal day in Buenos Aires. We took the subte to la escuela in the morning, but were told that our instructor Paula had called in sick. Another instructor would be available at 2 pm. So we came home for a few hours.

We returned to the Academia, for our class, then tackled the subte during hora pico / rush hour, had dinner at home with thunder, lightning and pouring rain out the window. Then we watched Raonic vs Nadal on the telly.

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5 thoughts on “Just another dia in BA

  1. Enjoying your blogs very much ! The Academia is another impressive building and the Subte seems to be filled with young people. Where are all the seniors ? I’ts also raining here today. Goodbye snow AMY.B.

  2. The rain pours down as I make my way through blogs in Southern Oregon as well, Stuart. But there is no thunder or lightning. What classes are you taking? –Curt

    1. Heidi and I are both taking introductory Spanish lessons for the 3 weeks that we are here.  Might help to clean out some cobwebs from parts of the brain that have been dormant for years.

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