Today we relocated from Tokyo to Kyoto, via Shinkansen.

In the a.m. we visited the Hama Rikyu Garden tea house for a cuppa.

Then we hopped onto the Shinkansen for a trip to Kyoto, at 250+ km.p.h.


We arrived at the ryokan (guest house / inn) near dusk, but had enough time to visit the festival by the river.

Back at the ryokan, we changed into yukata (robes) for the 9-course Japanese dinner served in our room. Then, time for a soak in the communal bath, and back to the room which had been fitted with futons while we were out.

2 thoughts on “Repositioning

  1. What a marvelous escape from the Christmas frenzy that’s going on over here. Parking lots are full and the cash registers are chinking,Shop till you drop seems to be the modus operandum.We however (having celebrated with you last weekend ) are able to observe from the comfort of our little den.Thanks for the post. Amy B.

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