Boxing Day Torii

Our last day in Kyoto and we split up again. Heidi and I spent half the day at Fushimi-Inara Taisha, where thousands of orange/red torii (gates) line the paths up the mountain. It was crazy busy at the base, but like most tourist spots became more peaceful and pleasant the farther up the hill you go.

We came back to the Kyoto city centre for lunch, and took a chance on another tiny restaurant. This one had space for 6 customers (tops), while the chef and his wife work in a really tiny kitchen in the other half of the space. One of the other patrons spoke reasonable English and told us that the chef had taken over from his father, and that she had been eating there for 40 years. As usual the meal, sashimi, was wonderful.

This photo shows the chef and his wife in the kitchen half of the restaurant.

Another tiny restaurant

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