The research says that you don’t really want to read about our vacation (see here),  but its too late to stop now.

Yesterday, we visited the Zōzō-ji temple….

And today, our last full day in Japan, we checked out the Tsukiji Fish Market, through which all things marine must go before arriving on Tokyo tables.

2 thoughts on “More?

  1. I would suggest not to spend too much time reading such research articles, but continue to enjoy every minute left of your great trip to Japan. At least as far as your neighbors to the north are concerned, we very much enjoyed it and as a matter of fact always wondered what happened when we did not get your daily news.
    Keep it up for your next travels and have a safe flight home.
    Happy New Year to all of you.,

  2. Living vicariously is of great value to those of us in our senior years,don’t stop now.! We do appreciate every last word , thanks so much. You are probably packed and ready to go now. Japans loss is our gain. Safe journey home, see you on Thursday.

    Amy B.

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