And then he/she was dead

Wittle Birdie died peacefully in Oakville on 31 July 2015 at the age of ~2 weeks.

Wittle Birdie is survived by his/her parents, Daddy and Mommy Birdie. He/she is preceded in death by all his/her brother and sister birdies.

Wittle Birdie was born on ~15 July 2015 in Oakville. He/she never graduated from the nest, never had a sweetheart, and never had a chance to set up his/her own nest.

Wittle Birdie was not afraid to take risks, and couldn’t wait to be able to fly.

In accordance with his/her wishes, no funeral is scheduled. Condolences can be left in the comments below.

Wittle Birdie
Wittle Birdie

One thought on “And then he/she was dead

  1. Condolences to our family ornithologist. Take heart,spring will come again. there will be more nests,more twittering in the trees and your back yard sanctuary will be a place of much pleasure again. Amy B.

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