We’ve been drinking

Patio at Cormier's Studio

…but don’t worry, we’ve also been spitting. And we have been scrambling at Skaha Bluffs. If you look closely you can see the edge of the cliff where Heidi’s water bottle rolled off. She says she didn’t do it, and neither did I. Must have been “Mr. Nobody”.

Skaha Bluffs
Skaha Bluffs

The drinking (and spitting) started at Painted Rock, which is located, by an amazing coincidence, on the access road to Skaha Bluffs. Its a beautiful, almost brand new, modern building on a ridge overlooking the vineyards and Lake Skaha. Definitely at the pricey end of the BC wine spectrum, but delicious IMHO.

We continued drinking (and spitting) on a wine tour, visiting the Naramata Bench before heading to OK Falls. We stopped for lunch at the Liquidity winery, which has a great restaurant, and great views.

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