Daily Commute XI

Church Square Park - Hoboken
Church Square Park - Hoboken
Church Square Park – Hoboken

When I talk to people about living in Hoboken, it’s inevitable that the subject of age comes up.  There is no doubt this is a young person’s town [1].  The “downtown” area near the Hoboken terminal is party central on Friday and Saturday nights.

But as you move away from there, you find that a lot of young families are making a home here.  One of them wrote about how that can happen.  I was thinking about this tonight as my walk home took me through Church Square Park (which was featured in Kazan’s “On the Waterfront“).

On this Friday, there were lots of families spending time together, with their kids, in this corner of the park.  In another part of the park, teenagers were playing pickup basketball, dog owners where conversing in the dog run, parents of even younger kids were playing in the water fountains, and others were just talking on the benches.

When I walk through in the morning, its much calmer.  There are always dog walkers and joggers, of course.  But there are also a few early risers from the nearby homeless shelter, and there is a prayer group that meets there around 7 am.  Some days there are folks doing Tai Chi.

The point is that it’s (one of) the spots that make Hoboken a great place to live.

[1] And just in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not young anymore.

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