The Baron and me

We visited the Museo Revoltella, in Trieste, today. It has a great contrast between the original home of Pasquale Revoltella, a 19th C. entrepreneur, and the modern annex showing a collection of mostly Italian artists. I liked: Dopo la prima Comunione, Concetto spaziale – Attes, La canzone nova con parole e musica, and Beethoven. Also these, without links: La Principessa Leitia de Sovoia (Giacomo Grosso) and Fondamento a Burano (Umberto Veruda).

I also took a pic of Baron Pasquale Revoltella’s dining room, which was very, ummmm, yellow/green.

Also a pic of HVW in Rovinj, later that evening. (Oblique reference to Eberhard Weber‘s music, apropos of nothing).

Below is the lobby of the Museo, which I have miniaturized and added to my collection of gallery lobby photos.

Miniaturized Museo Revoletta lobby
Miniaturized Museo Revoletta lobby


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