Pig on a stick

Last night we had a light, but indulgent, dinner with local Istrian wines at the hyper-pretentious Wine Vault restaurant.

Today, a visit to the fortified town of Motovun and, later, the “best preserved early Christian cathedral in the world”: the Euphrasian Basilica in Poreč.

Driving into Rovinj on Monday, we had seen many restaurants roasting pigs on outdoor fir-pits by the roadside. We decided to try one at a konoba/tavern on the way back from Poreč. For 120 kuna (~$20), you get a piece of the pig that seems to have been carved with a reciprocating Sawzall™ served with potatoes that were cooked as long as the pig. The skin literally could not be cut with a knife. Next time you are in Croatia, give it a pass.

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