The calm after the storm

Komrcar Park

After the weather cleared, we spent more time in Rab’s old town and the nearby Komrcar Park.  Visited the spot where a nun shared peaches with the bell tower attendant, and me, yesterday evening.


In the pm, we took a very unpleasant walk to a nearby Franciscan monastery, only to discover that the opening hours in the Lonely Planet guidebook were wrong, and it was closed. Walked back along the water, which was much better, except for having to clamber over/around small mudslides caused by the morning storm.


3 thoughts on “The calm after the storm

  1. Good pictures and stories, Nice to follow you on your holiday. Hope the wheather will be better and lonely planet won,t disappoint you anymore. Enjoy!

  2. Great to see your travel reports and nice photos. Too bad of the incorrect info in Lonely Planet book.
    Anyhow enjoy the rest of your trip. Look forward to see more of it.

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