We Zijn Hier

@Goes, NL

We travelled from Copenhagen to Goes NL last Friday, and met up with Colin and Dan.

Then on Saturday, [nearly] all the VW cousins showed up.  We walked through Kepelle to Het Fruitteeltmuseum and even held our own Dutch auction.  Then a photo op with glasses from Newark, and dinner back in Goes.

When we regained consciousness, on Sunday, we said goodbye and headed off to Amsterdam for our flight home.

We zijn er niet meer. We zijn thuis.


3 thoughts on “We Zijn Hier

  1. Hi all: Fantastic and welcome to the Netherlands. Don’t forget to taste the Dutch salted herring and of course….. smoked eel.
    Enjoy your time in Holland.
    We will be there in one month from now

    1. Thanks Hugo – we are actually back in Hoboken now (you have to read to the end!!!).
      PS: We took your advice and stayed at the Schiphol CitizenM – and it worked out well. Neat showers.
      PPS: Enjoy your trip, and hope to see you soon.

  2. We’ve been waiting for these ,thanks so much they are really great! Glad Colin and Dan met up with
    you on Friday giving you all time together before the gathering.
    Thanks again .
    Amy B.

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