Just Back: Gettysburg

156th Anniversary - Gettysburg Re-enactment

For Independence Day we explored some of the history of Gettysburg, Pa.   Started with a 3-hour tour of the battlefield itself with Licensed Battlefield Guide, Susan.  There is a lot of geography to cover, so she drives your car and explains the history on the move. Extraordinarily informative.

And, of course it was the 4th of July, so there were explosions in the sky.

The next day we spent a bit of time at a annual re-enactment of the battle.  We stayed for the initial skirmish only, as it was unbelievably hot.  Not sure how (or why) the re-enactors stand it for 3 full days.  Dedicated beyond belief.

Then we visited the Eisenhower home, which is also within the park boundary.

And finally, a visit to the Gettysburg National Cemetary, where Lincoln gave the speech that we know as the Gettysburg Address.

Then, home.

SMB @ Gettsyburg

One thought on “Just Back: Gettysburg

  1. Thanks for sparking an interest in American history in us.
    Living vicariously has its benefits with access to the WWW
    at our fingertips.Glad you had a good weekend !

    Amy B.

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