Under the Tuscan Cloud

@ Montefioralle- Tuscany

The weather is meh today, but we have repositioned (ever so slightly) from Florence/Firenze to the Tuscan countryside.

Before leaving Florence, we paid our dues by lining up for +/- 1 hour to get into the Duomo.  Then picked up the rental car and, thanks to Google Maps, made it to Villa Bordoni without incident.

We took a walk around the grounds to get oriented, and ended up trekking to the nearby village, Montefioralle, which was strategically important during the Florentine/Sienese wars.  There doesn’t seem to be much going on there these days.

Tomorrow, the plan is to scope out Sienna.

One thought on “Under the Tuscan Cloud

  1. The sun will come out tomorrow ,(or so they say!)
    Hope you are able to unwind and rest a little now that you
    have left the madness of Florence behind.Can’t help but
    compare your experience of Italy with ours of several years ago
    We were not so much into history and culture but more in seeing
    how people live in the smaller picturesque villages.It,s an amazing
    landscape and worth repeated visits.
    Amy B.

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