Daily Commute LIV

NYC during a plague

The “stay at home” order has been lifted, so we ventured into the city to see what’s what. Masks were worn at all times during this excursion.

The area around the Port Authority Bus Terminal was pretty sketchy. All the tourists and commuters and theatre-goers are gone. The homeless and the drug-dealers and the junkies are still there.

As we walked south, it became more civilized, but the streets were still sparse. Few cars or pedestrians; some folks out on bikes, but not as many as I expected, to be honest.

Meatpacking district, NYC during a plague

Some restaurants are closed, but many are dispensing beer, wine and mixed drinks from makeshift counters in their doorways. They have few takers, at least in the afternoon. I expect the dinner-hour and evening will be better for business.

Without traffic, vehicle or pedestrian, it was pretty smooth sailing. We hopped on the PATH at Christopher St, and came home. The whole round trip was about 2 hours.

Plague Walk

2 thoughts on “Daily Commute LIV

  1. So strange ! Hard to believe It’s Saturday afternoon in New York’
    Looks like a movie set awaiting some action. Hope it ‘s not to long
    before the ” hustle and bustle ” of normality returns. ( if ever ! )
    Amy B.

  2. So, you went “ out” again. Must have been surrealistic to see your place after “lockdown” We experienced the same here. On one hand great to walk “alone” without other people and to hear no noise from cars etc, on the other hand we felt we were walking in a strange movie.

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