Empty Water Lillies gallery @MoMA

This week, our “get out and stay sane” event was a visit to MoMA, which recently reopened. The number of visitors is limited, and you need a timed entrance ticket, unless you are the guest of a staff member or volunteer, in which case you can waltz right in(1).

@MoMA sculpture garden w/ PS H1 & H2

It’s really nice to be able to wander the galleries in peace. Sundays are normally a great day to do something (anything) except visit NYC museums and galleries.

Since we last visited in the winter, a new exhibit of works by Judd has been installed. I like these stacked boxes in a variety of industrial materials. Your mileage may vary.

After, we grabbed lunch on 9th Ave, and I literally mean on 9th Ave. Like in most cities, street parking has been repurposed for dining. Yes!!! I have come to appreciate that street parking is the bane of urban living.

Lunch @9th Ave w/ PS H1 & H2

The sad news is that we discovered that a favourite Argentine restaurant, also on 9th Ave, is no more.

RIP Chimichurri Grill


(1). HVW is a volunteer, or was until COVID-19 hit. There are no volunteers on-site for the time being.

One thought on “MoMA

  1. Too bad about the favorite restaurant.I’m afraid the same
    situation exists around here, Zaras on lakeshore is gone
    and several others are barely hanging in.
    Thanks for pics.
    Amy B.

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