GR 92

HVW + SMB - GR92 Trail, Begur

Andrew and I had hoped to squeeze a day of skiing in the Pyrenees1, but it didn’t happen2 So after Girona, we headed to Begur to meet up with Izzy and explore the GR 92, a hiking trail along the Costa Brava.

The first section we hiked connects Begur to the Mediterranean. The best part is that you can stop for lunch in Sa Tuna, a village on the coast, before finishing the loop back to Begur.

Fideuà @Sa Tuna

On the way into Sa Tuna, we could see a massive fortress on Montgri in the distance, and decided to investigate the next day.

The trail to the Castell del Montrgri was on another section of the GR 92, but we didn’t make it all the way to the castle, It was farther than we thought and we ran out of time because Andrew and Izzy had to get back to Begur to catch the bus to Barcelona. So we climbed as far as the (slighty rude looking) Coll de la Creu de Santa Caterina, then headed back.

AWB, IN + HVW en route
AWB, IN + HVW en route

PS: I thought we were going to visit España, but it turned out that we went to Cataluña. Same diff to some perhaps. But my Scottish background makes me a little more receptive to national identies that don’t map directly to a country3.


1. A.K.A. Spanish: Pirineos; French: Pyrénées; Catalan: Pirineu; Basque: Pirinioak; Occitan: Pirenèus; Aragonese: Pirineus …. I mean maybe I should just say the mountains to the north.

2. There was going to be a strike at the ski resort (would never happen in Whistler, just sayin’), and there had been little snow over the winter so only part of the mountain was skiable.

3. Which doesn’t mean I’m a separatist, Scottish or Catalan.

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