Daily Commute XVIII (Weekend edition)

I needed some wire to hang some pictures, so I walked 4 blocks to General Lumber. I was the only one there, which happens a lot on Saturday mornings (they’re only open till 2), and which is weird. Most building supply stores are jammed all weekend.

I also like the fact that they are called General Lumber, but they don’t stock lumber. They used to, but had a massive fire, and the city wouldn’t renew their permit to reopen the lumber yard after they rebuilt. They kept the name anyway.

Daily Commute XVII Redux


Later that same day, the sun came out.

Daily Commute XVII


It is a foggy, snowy morning here in Hoboken.

Just back: Whistler 2018

Surprise.  We spent another fab week in Whistler.  Lots of snow and great company.  AWB and CSB even reverted to skiing for a couple of days, after 15-or-so years on snowboards.

Daily Commute XVI

There was a dusting of snow on the walk this morning.

Church Square Park - Hoboken

2017 Music

I know, I know: everyone else wrapped up their best of 2017 list a month ago.  But here it is.   Also, I know that nobody reads these, and therefore I am shortening the list to the top 3 albums, and the best stand-alone track.  

Having just said that, I ‘m going to diverge because I have to mention the music from Twin Peaks: The Return.   Watching this series over the summer was a mostly frustrating experience, but then maybe that’s the point. However most episodes included a full length song performance from the “Bang Bang Club” including several amazing tracks.  They weren’t new in 2017 but I feel like sharing them anyway.

Rebekah Del Rio’s “No Stars” is nothing short of stunning.   And I really, enjoyed the Chromatics “Shadow” and the Cactus Blossoms “Mississippi“.  Check them out, really!

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Wet and cold

Took a couple of days to go skiing at Tremblant.  Day 1 was warm and soaking wet.  Day 2 was brutally cold.  We had a great time.

We decided the conditions were sufficiently harsh that Peter earned his honorary Canadian badge on his first attempt.

Go with the flow

3 a.m. 9 Jan 2018

612 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ

The sprinkler system thaws and breaks after the recent bomb cyclone/deep freeze.

Remediation in progress.  Thankfully minimal impact on our place.

Daily Commute XV

Bomb Cyclone

Bomb Cyclone

The bomb cyclone closes in on Newark

Let ’em fly

Out with the old on 31 Dec 2017.  They say you could see our lanterns from Times Square.

61 Christmases

We drove back to Canada on Boxing Day, to have a Christmas celebration. It was also my mum and dad’s 60th wedding anniversary on 20 December, which means this is their 61st Christmas together.

Some photos.

We here

Back in NYC, where it was pouring rain, but we shlepped to our favourite Argentine restaurant for dinner.

First there is a dog

Then there is no dog

Then there is

And she is a good dog.  15/10

Post Turkey Day

We’ve been in Savannah, Ga. since Wednesday. Yesterday it was c-c-cold and wet, during our 3 hour walking tour. We spent the rest of the day drying out and warming up. Today was better.



Mariza @ City Winery NYC

Mariza @ City Winery NYC

Its always great to see a performance by Mariza.

It’s Bronte’s world…

…and we just live in it. She’s got it all figured out.

It's a Bronte world

It’s a Bronte world

How do *you* get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, they say. But it isn’t going to work for me, so I took the E train.

Daily Commute XIV

View of Manhattan, the morning after 8 killed by terrorist.

Hoboken daybreak

Hoboken daybreak


Daily Commute XIII

Mountains Beyond Mountains

The weather cleared, so we drove out to lovely Lake Bled.  We walked all the way around lovely Lake Bled  It was lovely.  There was even a lovely church on a lovely island in the middle of the lovely lake.

Then we took our little chariot through the 50 hairpin turns of the Vršič Pass. These are some serious mountains here in Slovenia. Impressive.  Then we turned around and did it all over again in the other direction.  Just as impressive.

And finally , we got back to Ljubljana in time to see the sun on the Ljubljanski grad, which we haven’t seen since we arrived.

Ljubljanski grad

Ljubljanski grad