Wet and cold

Took a couple of days to go skiing at Tremblant.  Day 1 was warm and soaking wet.  Day 2 was brutally cold.  We had a great time.

We decided the conditions were sufficiently harsh that Peter earned his honorary Canadian badge on his first attempt.

Go with the flow

3 a.m. 9 Jan 2018

612 Clinton Street, Hoboken, NJ

The sprinkler system thaws and breaks after the recent bomb cyclone/deep freeze.

Remediation in progress.  Thankfully minimal impact on our place.

Daily Commute XV

Bomb Cyclone

Bomb Cyclone

The bomb cyclone closes in on Newark

Let ’em fly

Out with the old on 31 Dec 2017.  They say you could see our lanterns from Times Square.

61 Christmases

We drove back to Canada on Boxing Day, to have a Christmas celebration. It was also my mum and dad’s 60th wedding anniversary on 20 December, which means this is their 61st Christmas together.

Some photos.