Mountains Beyond Mountains

The weather cleared, so we drove out to lovely Lake Bled.  We walked all the way around lovely Lake Bled  It was lovely.  There was even a lovely church on a lovely island in the middle of the lovely lake.

Then we took our little chariot through the 50 hairpin turns of the Vršič Pass. These are some serious mountains here in Slovenia. Impressive.  Then we turned around and did it all over again in the other direction.  Just as impressive.

And finally , we got back to Ljubljana in time to see the sun on the Ljubljanski grad, which we haven’t seen since we arrived.

Ljubljanski grad

Ljubljanski grad

I wish it would rain

It’s still raining in Ljubljana.  We did a city walking tour this morning (meh) then kept dry (sort of) by visiting the national library, the city museum and the modern art museum.  So I bagged three more miniaturized lobby photos for my collection.

Now it’s time to gripe about how far behind US credit cards are compared to the ROW. Despite making a special call to my bank before leaving, and being given a PIN for our US cards, we still have to sign for everything. One time I conducted an experiment and used my Canadian card, and lo and behold, I was asked to enter my PIN. It’s bizarre. For a country that prides itself on innovation, including financial innovations, the US has dropped the ball on this.

Betchya didn’t know

Betchya didn’t know that we got to the Piltvice lakes early this morning to beat the crowds. Thanks be to …. that we did. The trails were peaceful for our 4 hour trip around the lakes.

But on our return to the entrance it was chaos!

Tour bus hell

Betchya didn’t know that Slovenia won the Eurobasket competition, beating Serbia yesterday. We know because the celebration is just down the street. [Also, its raining in Ljubljana].


We’re on a road to nowhere

Actually, we took a road to Piltvice Lakes.  On the way we passed over the Velebit mountain range, following a largely deserted route to the lakes. We encountered some reminders of the 1991 war.

It’s a different story at the Piltvice park though; tourbuses everywhere!

The calm after the storm

After the weather cleared, we spent more time in Rab’s old town and the nearby Komrcar Park.  Visited the spot where a nun shared peaches with the bell tower attendant, and me, yesterday evening.

In the pm, we took a very unpleasant walk to a nearby Franciscan monastery, only to discover that the opening hours in the Lonely Planet guidebook were wrong, and it was closed. Walked back along the water, which was much better, except for having to clamber over/around small mudslides caused by the morning storm.