Audacious and Responsible (1)

We were back on T.O. on Friday for Colin’s graduation from OCAD-U. Couldn’t be happier or prouder.

¹ OCAD University Vision:

OCAD University challenges you to audaciously and responsibly pursue the questions of our time through the powerful interplay of art, design, the social sciences, humanities, and the sciences.

Canucks in NYC on Memorial Day weekend

Couple more pics from our outing to see “Her Portmanteau” at New York Theater Workshop” last weekend.

Pre-theatre drinks.

It’s Hobokenhenge

Downstairs Upstairs

Things are chaotic in our condo as we are having a “big, beautiful wall” built.   The Mexicans aren’t paying for ours either, but some of them are working on it for us.

Framing the wall

Framing the wall

Up on the roof, things are different.