←Heidi with Karen Reader enjoying the lush gardens in Oak Bay. ↑Having a great time, waiting for dinner at the Penny Farthing. PS: This is Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for those unfamiliar with intl airport codes.

Jackson Hole recap

Jackson Hole recap

There is a photo gallery of pictures from our trip to Jackson Hole in Wyoming a little farther down.  But here is a quick video with some shots of Colin and I skiing/boarding.  Colours are wonky  in places as the sensor on my cheapo waterproof camera appears to be defunct. Jackson Hole from Stuart Brannan [...]

Grand Targhee

Yesterday, Colin and I took a trip to check out the skiing/boarding at Grand Targhee. We felt like we had the place to ourselves. I got out my camera at the top of one of the lifts, but had to wait awhile for someone else to come up the lift before we could ask them [...]


We arrived bedraggled in Wyoming, due to the 2:30 wake-up call for the very early flight, as well as the previously noted "baggage delay". I have to say that the folks working in hospitality here in Jackson are extraordinarily helpful. . . Even the woman with the unenviable job at the airport baggage desk. Of course, [...]

Roadtrip: Nashville

Roadtrip: Nashville

We spent Thanksgiving in Nashville.  Stayed at the Union Station Hotel, below, which, as the name suggests, used to be the Nashville train station. First stop was the Country Music Hall of Fame.  It was well done.   Lots of artifacts from the development of the music from its earliest folk music roots, to its [...]

Roadtrip: Asheville N.C.

We drove from Fallingwater to Asheville, but arrived long after the visitor's centre had closed.  Hotel Tonight, the app that had guided us so well in Pittsburgh was showing squat in Asheville.   We drove around in the dark, wondering what to do. Then we passed a sign for The Lion & The Rose, a [...]

Roadtrip: Fallingwater

After Pittsburgh, we drove to Fallingwater, the home designed for Edgar Kaufman, owner of Kaufman's department stores in Pittsburgh.  You know this place, even if you don't think so, you do. The picture above, is probably duplicated in hundreds of thousands of vacation photo albums. See here, or here, or here.  It's a stunning building to [...]

Roadtrip: Pittsburgh

It's the middle of November, and I've got more vacation days left this year than you can shake a stick at.   Andrew is living at home for a year and can look after the dog.  Time for a road trip.  We decide to head south. Hmmm.... First stop turned out to be Pittsburgh.  Jeez, [...]

Oregon Video

Oregon 2012 from Stuart Brannan on Vimeo. We are home now, and I've compiled some video highlights from our Oregon trip. Have a look. Unfortunately it's 10 minutes long. But, if nothing else you might like the music. You'll see some of this... Arrival Airport feels like Vancouver Elaborate facial hair Cool 40's swing-jazz trio [...]