Jackson Hole recap

There is a photo gallery of pictures from our trip to Jackson Hole in Wyoming a little farther down.  But here is a quick video with some shots of Colin and I skiing/boarding.  Colours are wonky  in places as the sensor on my cheapo waterproof camera appears to be defunct.

Jackson Hole from Stuart Brannan on Vimeo.

We spent 3 days on the mountain at Jackson Hole, and took a bus trip to Grand Targhee, another ski area north of JH, for a 4th.   Unfortunately, we had fresh snow only on the first day, but even then not enough to get really excited.

In the middle, we took a break to visit the National Elk Refuge, which was started in 1912 to help preserve the natural habitat of the elk herds that live in Wyoming.  There are now about 12,000 elk in the JH area, of which about half spend the winter in the Refuge, along with a smaller number of bison/buffalo, and big horn sheep (and even smaller numbers of coyotes, eagles and wolves).

Photos were taken by Heidi, Colin and me.  Click to enlarge any picture.

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