Fred’s Bench

We Still Remember

We Still Remember

‘Twas a beautiful Good Friday.  Took a drive with the top down in search of Fred’s bench.  We found it in Stuart Spencer Spencer Smith Park in Burlington.

Fred de Graaf is Heidi’s cousin, and he was once the burgemeester of Apeldoorn.  While mayor, Fred worked on twinning Apeldoorn and Burlington.  In 2003, the people of Apeldoorn donated a bench to the people of Burlington, in remembrance of the Canadian army’s role in liberating Apeldoorn in WWII.

To celebrate our success we went for a drink and sat on the patio looking over Lake Ontario.  Early start to summer.

One thought on “Fred’s Bench

  1. Lovely day for sure! Nice picture of Heidi but what’s with ” Stuart Spencer Park ” in Burlington? We’ve always known it as Spencer Smith Park! but I’ve been wrong before.!!! AMY.

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