Sabado en Palermo

SMB + HVW @ Floralis Genérica
SMB + HVW @ Floralis Genérica

On Saturday, we spent some time in our own neighbourhood of Palermo.  We were looking for “MALBA”, a museum of Latin American art, but we found “MNBA”, the Argentine national art museum.  We went in anyway.  I was a bit underwhelmed; the collection is quite small, but includes pieces by many famous European artists (Rembrandt, Monet, Gaugin, etc) which I am sure were respectable but didn’t stand out.  The lack of audio guides, in Spanish or English, was a disappointment.  The building is also quite plain, and I added to my collection of miniaturized photos of museum lobbies, but it isn’t that impressive.

On the way there we stopped at the Floralis Genérica, and on the way back we stopped to watch a RC sailboat race.

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