So now you’re an expert on Argentina?

So now you’re an expert on Argentina?

i'm working on consolidating my thoughts on Buenos Aires, both the place and the people. Let's start with... The Place Any big city is in a constant state of re-construction as buildings become old, tired and no longer fit for purpose.  This is certainly true in BA, and especially in our Palermo neighbourhood. Here, many of the older [...]

Sabado en Palermo

On Saturday, we spent some time in our own neighbourhood of Palermo.  We were looking for "MALBA", a museum of Latin American art, but we found "MNBA", the Argentine national art museum.  We went in anyway.  I was a bit underwhelmed; the collection is quite small, but includes pieces by many famous European artists (Rembrandt, [...]

Settling in

In case you're wondering, the flight was long, but uneventful.  We arrived late in the afternoon yesterday, and met up with the owner of our departamento, Ceferina de Jesus Ortiza.  It's a really cool, traditional apartment in the Palermo neighbourhood.  High ceilings, tiny cage-style elevator, that sort of thing.  Here's a couple of shots of the [...]