NOLA Buenos Aires

Last night, Sunday, we visited NOLA, a “closed door” restaurant here in Buenos Aires. This is not really a resaurant, but more like a dinner party in the home of chef Liza Puglia and her marido, Fransisco.

For a fixed price of US$70 p.p., Liza and Fransisco treated us to a 4 course meal, with wine pairings, in their tasteful home in the Palermo barrio of Buenos Aires.

On the night we visited there were ~25 guests at 3 tables in their living area. We sat with a couple from the UK, another from the US, and three young women (one from Norway, 2 from Australia). As is the norm for our stay in Buenos Aires, we were a couple of decades older than the average. Heidi and I embraced the situation and sat at the head of the table, as the padres would do.

I was a concerned when we made the reservation that we would be out of our depth for Spanish conversation, but it turned out that most of the other guests were on vacation and Spanish was not needed. Whew!!!

The meal (Liza) and the wines (Fransisco) were awesome: ceviche, gumbo, braised pork shoulder and grits and chocolate pecan tart. The conversation was lively and engaging.

What a fantastic evening. Gracias, Liza y Fransisco.

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8 thoughts on “ENE-O-ELE-A

  1. Sounds like a great meal. We did something similar in Portugal in the town of Evora. Best meal we had while there. Keep on blogging!

  2. Looks like you are both having a great travel experience. I am enjoying your posts as they are giving a great insight into life in Buenos Aires. Enjoy x

  3. Not much to add except to say ,let me know when you publish your first travel book !
    Amy B.

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