Rodeo Day

Nuestros Caballos
Nuestros Caballos

It rained again on Sunday, but we ventured out to Nuestros Caballos y Nuestros Perros, which is an annual event much like the Royal Winter Fair, but focusing solely on doggies and horsies.   I don’t know enough about horses, OK I know nothing really, to appreciate the different breeds that were on display, but watching the gauchos compete in the rodeo was really interesting.  We watched a little bit of barrel racing, but a lot of a competition where a calf was released from a chute at one corner of the field, and 2 gauchos pinned the calf between their horses.  They had to keep the calf pinned as they rode a straight path to the opposite corner of the field.  2 judges rode behind and scored their efforts, on a scale from cero to quince (0 to 15).

We also watched as 3 riders re-enacted some sort of saga of a bandito whose kidnaps a woman, only to be foiled by a Zorro-type character in a black mask and flowing cape.   And there were dogs.

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