Valar Morghulis

Recoleta Cemetery

After class on Thursday, we went for a walk in the Retiro and Recoleta barrios.  We recruited Ceri to guide us once again.

It was interesting because we pass under these neighbourhoods every day on the subte, but didn’t realize quite how different they are from both Palermo, where we are staying, and the city centre, where the school is.  This is a much quieter neighbourhood and clearly very affluent.  The best hotels and apartments are here.  Most of the huge mansions have been repurposed into government buildings or embassies, but a few massive private residences remain.

We walked through Plaza San Martin and viewed Air Force Square (previously English Square, but for some reason it has been renamed).

Recoleta is also the neighbourhood that contains the cemetery where Argentina’s rich, famous and powerful are buried.  Yes, including Evita.

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2 thoughts on “Valar Morghulis

  1. Can three weeks possibly be enough ? There seems to be no end of places to visit.Love your sense of humour re. Air Force Square.Thanks for more great pics.
    Amy B.

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