Last Weekend in BA Photos

Lo de Jesus restaurante

This weekend we went over the edge.  Tired of showing up to be the first ones in the restaurant, we went out for dinner last night at 12:30 am.  At that time everything happens in black and white.  Here are some shots from Lo de Jesus restaurante.

Today we visited El Alteneo bookstore, which is in a refurbished theatre.  It’s a very neat idea. We even had a snack at the café located on the stage.

Yesterday, we stopped at El Parri de Bebe for some lunch.  I am posting these photos because a) it shows the 1 litre size of beer that you get in BA (Price: about 40 Pesos, or US$4), and b) interesting shot of this small parrilla, which felt much more authentic than some of the others we’ve tried (which were filled with los Ingleses).  Note: Heidi observed that more authentic = less hygenic.

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