Stuart, Heidi, Paula, Ana y Hendrik

Just a group shot of our Academia Buenos Aires Spanish class, including teacher Paula (seated) and fellow estudiantes, Ana and Hendrik. Today we wrapped up Level 1. Here is my thesis (with corrections from Paula in italics:

En Buenos Aires, visitamos muchos lugars (lugares) y vimos muchos edificios y parques.  Pero mi actividad favorito (-ita) fue el partido de fútbol entre el (el) “River Plate” y “Newell’s Old Boys”.  El partido estuvo bueno, pero los hinchas de fútbol estuvieron locos.  Disfuté también (-ién) los museos y el cementario (-erio) Recoleta, pero ellos no fueron si (tan) emocionante (-antes).

En Buenos Aires, me molesté (-estó) mas yendo (ir) en subte, porque estuvio (-vo) caliente y lleno.

Also, another protest in Plaza de Mayo this past Monday.  A pretty low key affair,  targeting the offices of BBVA Frances.  They seemed to have shut the place down, and had a truck outside with massive loudspeakers denouncing something terrible that BBVA Frances had done, mixed with amped up rock music to add to the torture.  A guy was shooting fireworks at the windows  as well.  The Bomb squad was standing by, but the whole thing was pretty relaxed.  These things are a semi-regular event here.

Massive transit / government strike tomorrow.

Hope all is well in Canada.


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3 thoughts on “Grads

  1. All IS well here in Canada except that we wish you were here. Enjoy Patagonia!See you on the 20th.
    Amy B.

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