And then there were four

It was a long day, 22 hours in transit actually, and we got just a little sleep on the plane. Andrew arrived at the hotel in Tokyo shortly after Heidi and I had turned in for the night. But, of course, we were thrilled when he woke us up and had a brief chance to catch up on the 6 months we have been apart. He showed us his tattoo.

This morning we woke to this view from our hotel.


We took the subway to Asakusa and had lunch in one of the tiny restaurants in the area. Posed for pics outside after.


At the Asakusa shrine we drew sticks to see our fortune. Mine was “the best fortune”.

Your gem has no flaw and it will glisten better when you polish
Good character by nature becomes much better when you polish yourself
You will become known better
You become wealthy and you may have a repeated stroke of good luck

Things are looking up.


Look out…. There is a new photographer on the block.


2 thoughts on “And then there were four

  1. This one brought tears to my eyes.I can only imagine the emotional reunion.You all look great and I’m glad you are mine. Amy B.

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