Turning Japanese, just a little bit

Dinner last night was at “En”, an izakaya style restaurant on the 42nd floor of the tower next to our hotel.

This morning, we started our day like most Tokyo residents, on the subway.


Near the Omate-Sando station we discovered the Nezu Museum, and its lovely garden.

And we ended the afternoon at Kabukiza, for one act from the 4 hour long evening kabuki performance. (You can line up to buy cheap, $12, same-day, one act tickets in the nosebleed section, with impossibly cramped seats and lots of rules and restrictions, to see if the experience is one you’d enjoy for a full evening)

3 thoughts on “Turning Japanese, just a little bit

    1. Hi Curt – actually the photo shows us waiting to buy tickets, and those seats were comparatively luxurious. The seats in the theatre were so squashed together that I my knees were jammed super-tight against the seat in front. I am 6′, so I am used to being cramped, but this was actually painful.

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