While we were sleeping

AWB + IN + HVW + SMB @Djurgården

Andrew and Isabella arrived in Stockholm.  Here we are together.

We spent the morning touring the Kungliga Slottet  (royal palace) in Gamla Stan.  While we were there, they changed the guards from the guys in navy blue jackets and black helmets to guys with royal blue jackets and cool silver helmets.

The good news is that these guys are doing their job, protecting the crown jewels that are displayed here.  Those ones are all accounted for.  Some others have recently gone missing.

Then we wandered the (very touristy) old town.

In the afternoon we took a quick ferry to Djurgården to visit the Vasamuseet.  It’s a very interesting exhibition of the Vasa ship that sank only 20 minutes and 1.3 km into its maiden voyage in 1628.  It was recovered in 1961 and 98% of the original ship has been preserved.

Tomorrow its going to rain.

One thought on “While we were sleeping

  1. Enjoyed these pictures very much. BUT! Have you been to Ikea yet?Thanks again we appreciate
    you sharing with us.

    Amy B.

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