Some of our enemies are conspiring

HVW @Gustav III's Antiquities

But there was “NO COLLUSION”.  Wait, that’s a different story.

First here is Heidi having a laugh at the sculpture gallery featuring the plunder of Gustav III.

We visited the Royal Chapel / Slottskyrkan, and had a peek at the storm coming in to the gardens, and went into the foundations of Kungliga Slotten to see how it had changed over the centuries.

We also toured the Lutheran Storkyrkan, which features a few extraordinarily beautiful objects, both old and new.  The statue of St. George and his dragon is 600 years old, but the metal candle holder is quite modern.

Then we met up with Andrew and Isabella again to visit the Historiska Museet, because we hadn’t yet encountered any Vikings.  For good measure, they promised a medieval massacre.  Despite the king’s warning that enemies were conspiring, 1800 Gotland farmers died at the hands of the Danes in 1361.

Also, the singing fat lady’s hat was on display.

One thought on “Some of our enemies are conspiring

  1. Did not realize that Sweden had so much of historical and cultural interest. All we learned in school
    was about the Battle of Largs (1236 I believe) when the Scots defeated a small faction of the
    Viking (Norwegian) fleet. If we had not been victorious we probably would never have heard of it!

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