I’m in love with my chair


Rented bikes this morning.  Heidi went for a spin around the block to test the bike.  She got lost.

Then we visited the Kastellet and the Designmuseum Danmark.  Some great chairs here.  The Danes love their chairs. Surprisingly little Bang & Olufsen.

Then a beautiful Marmorkirken.

It was almost painful to bike through the iconic Nyhavn canal as it was dripping with tourists.


We passed through quickly and returned to the Københavns Biblioteker.  It turns out that much of the building we saw yesterday is no longer a library.  There is a new modern library building behind it, but they have preserved the original reading room, and some of the original card catalogues (remember those?).


We also chose not to visit the little mermaid statue, which seems now to be as famous for its various vandalisms as anything else.  But never fear, there is another Lille Havfrue outside the Biblioteker, which I thought was quite nice enough.

I have lots more pictures of HVW, but maybe I’m being a pest.

Enough is enough @Marv & Ben
Enough is enough @Marv&Ben

One thought on “I’m in love with my chair

  1. Wonderful pictures! The church is magnificent and we could never see enough of Heidi !
    Many thanks. Amy B.

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