Vi er her

HVW (H2) @Københavns Biblioteker

Today’s diary entry: “A long boring train ride, but we arrived in Copenhagen.  It’s pride week; that’s not boring.”

H1, if you are reading:  Here’s H2 after unexpectedly discovering Københavns Biblioteker.  We will be going back, I’m sure.


We wandered past the grounds of Christiansborg Slot but didn’t go in.  We may go back, we’ll see.  Scandi-palaces are all starting to look the same, at least on the inside.

More library building pics…

One thought on “Vi er her

  1. Can’t comment on the train ride,or the repetitive nature of the architecture.Seriously though ,have you
    thought of Lego Land ? We are sure Heidi will enjoy the library.Thanks again for pics.
    Amy B.

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