Just back: Whistler 2019

SMB + HVW @Vancouver

Here’s a couple of pictures from Vancouver, where we spent one night before heading to Whistler. Close as we can tell, the totem is an eagle/wolf eating a small human.

We met Heidi’s brother, Dan, in Whistler.  It was very, very cold (1).  We had lots of blue skies, but not a single flake of snow.

And later in the week, we were joined by our Victoria friends, Karen and Geoff.



1.  -24ºC on the first day.

One thought on “Just back: Whistler 2019

  1. Really enjoyed these pictures and always look forward to the next lot.
    I guess you could say we are living vicariously. Glad you managed to steer
    clear of those totem polls they look pretty scarey to me!
    Amy B.

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