Keep On Truckin’

p.m. view from Villa Bordoni

Today’s adventure was navigating the very steep and very narrow, winding roads in and out of Villa Bordoni, which (for some reason) were much busier today.  The highlight was coming grill-to-grill with a large truck in a section of road with low stone walls on each side.  The truck driver decided that I needed to make room for him.  Fair enough, he’s bigger.  Despite him shouting “advice” in Italian, it took several minutes for me to navigate off the road into a small driveway.

In the end, he made it past with inches to spare.  Sorry no pictures – too much stress to pull out the camera.  Ask Heidi about it sometime.

We took a day trip to San Gimignano where, although most of the population was wiped out by the black plague in the mid-1300’s, they left a remarkable series of 14 towers.   At one time, there were 72.  [Warning: There is some tilt-shift involved with these pics.]

Of course we started and ended the day at Villa Bordoni once again.

One thought on “Keep On Truckin’

  1. This one really made us smile, it took us back to
    the days when we used to drive Through ” Glen Fruin”
    on our way to ” Craigs Pool ” The roads were similarily
    narrow with dry stone dykes on either side,although
    there were a few lay byes to pull into and avoid oncoming
    traffic.The photos are lovely we do enjoy them.Thanks for our
    Daily Dose of Duomos even if minus steeple!

    Amy B.

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