Roadtrip: Up the country

@Hutton Brickyards

Day One – we stopped at Storm King State Park, and climbed the Storm King mountain famous for spectacular views of the Hudson River valley. The hike was strenuous, the trail was steep and rocky in places, but the views… the views were non-existent due to low cloud cover.

We contnued up the river to our overnight destination, the old Hutton Brickyards near Kingston, NY, which has recently been transformed into a kind of open air hotel. The place is so new that they still have a lot of kinks to work out in the guest service department, but it’s a unique and interesting spot to stay for a couple of days.

Day Two – We walked from the hotel to the waterfront on the Rondout Creek. There are remnants everywhere of Kingston’s glory days as a shipping hub in the 19th and 20th centuries. The harbour is nice, but many of the buildings along the creek are derelict, or little used. Efforts have been made to sustain it, with a maritime museum and a trolley museum, and a shop that restores PT boats from WWII. But, it it remains a work-in-progress, at best.

Day Three – A visit to the Storm King Art Centrer, a 500 acre outdoor sculpture museum (named after the mountain we climbed on Day One). We didn’t see everything, as it was very (very!) hot and the trolleys haven’t started up again after COVID (and we wanted to get home) (and we are not, at least I am not, *that* into sculpture).

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