Just back: Sierra de Grazalema

@Sierra de Grazalema

So long Cádiz, so long your azure sea and sky. Bienvenido a la Sierra de Grazalema y los pueblos blancos. We repositioned from the sea into the mountains, and took a tour of El Caminito del Rey: a walkway pinned to the steep walls of El Chorro gorge. Remnants of the previous, very sketchy, pathway can still be seen under the newly rebuilt version.

Then Andrew, Colin and I took a day to bike around the mountains near Grazalema. I’m not saying it was easy, but we covered 37km, and 750m of vertical. I was deflated when, at our hotel, the owner said it was the “flat” route.

Next day, Izzy joined us as we hiked up from Grazalema, until we lost the trail. Still, we climbed to 1400m. It was a good and worthwhile endeavour.

Arcos de la frontera

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