Just Back: Granada


Welcome to the city with pomegranates on every bollard. The first batch of pics is just snaps of us exploring the city. The second batch is the glorious Alhambra. Our delightful and enthusiastic tour guide, Beatriz, shows up in a few of the pictures. Since COVID hit, we were only her 4th English-speaking tour. The manager at our hotel was also thrilled to have visitors from N.Am.; both have been seeing mostly French tourist for the past year and half.

Allthough we really enjoyed the tour with Beatriz, I think she just might embellish her stories a touch. The idea that Granada fell to the Christians mainly because they were able to cut off the only source of water for Alhambra, doesn’t seem to pass muster.

I was going to include a picture of Colin getting his pre-flight nasal COVID test, and make some reference to the Spanish Inquisition, but then thought… Naahh, that’s tacky.

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