River Plate

River Plate

We decided that it was necessary for us, being in the home country of Maradona, to go to a fútbol game. Leery of large public gatherings, we signed up for a tour to see a local team, "River Plate", play against "Newell's Old Boys". I had never heard of either team, but have since learned [...]



Last night, Sunday, we visited NOLA, a "closed door" restaurant here in Buenos Aires. This is not really a resaurant, but more like a dinner party in the home of chef Liza Puglia and her marido, Fransisco. For a fixed price of US$70 p.p., Liza and Fransisco treated us to a 4 course meal, with [...]

Rodeo Day

It rained again on Sunday, but we ventured out to Nuestros Caballos y Nuestros Perros, which is an annual event much like the Royal Winter Fair, but focusing solely on doggies and horsies.   I don't know enough about horses, OK I know nothing really, to appreciate the different breeds that were on display, but watching [...]

Being in Buenos Aires

Today we have a special appearance by guest, and first time, blogger.  Over to you, Heidi.... So, we’ve been here a week now and, after the initial shock of being pickpocketed, we’re finally settling into a routine. Here are some of my observations this week: If you’re English, don’t go into any traditional BA restaurants [...]

Sabado en Palermo

On Saturday, we spent some time in our own neighbourhood of Palermo.  We were looking for "MALBA", a museum of Latin American art, but we found "MNBA", the Argentine national art museum.  We went in anyway.  I was a bit underwhelmed; the collection is quite small, but includes pieces by many famous European artists (Rembrandt, [...]

Academia Buenos Aires

After a week of Level 1 Spanish instruction at Academia Buenos Aires, I couldn't be more pleased. The school is located just off the Plaza de Mayo (pronounced "Plaza day Masho"), in the two top floors of an old but well maintained building. Unfortunately, the traditional metal-grate elevator has been under repair during our stay, [...]