Grounds @Drottningholms slott

Walking to dinner last night we saw these folks hanging from wires in a rehearsal for the Stockholms Kulturfestival in one of the harbours.  Apparently the theme for the festival this year is Kanada.  Then, dinner in the cellars of Gamla stan, and a walk home in the rain.

Its a new dawn, its a new day, and the sun is shining at Drottningholms stott on the island Lovön; the Queen’s palace, (or Sweden’s Versailles for those who are into comparisons).

The palace was build by Hedwig Eleonora Regina Sverge, or HERS, and so you could say the palace is HERS.

Later, one last meal with Andrew + Isabella, at Mälarpaviljongen in Kungsholmen, before they head back to London.

Tomorrow: Statens Järnvägar to Copenhagen.

One thought on “HERS

  1. Seems there is much to see and enjoy in Stockholm.Nice to see Andrew and Isabella ,you all look
    Amy B.

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