Music 2020

It was a bleak year. COVID-19 made sure of that. Without a commute, I didn’t listen to nearly as much new music as before. But still…

….. here are 3 albums that I liked in 2020.  None of the artists are new to me. Gidge is a Swedish electronic duo consisting of Ludvig Stolterman and Jonathan Nilsson who have been around since 2014. They were my top pick from 2017, and are back in the same spot for 2020. Martin Nonstatic was my top pick for 2016, and I think Treeline is his best since then. Andrew Sherwell has never been on my annual picks before, but I’ve been listening for years. He blends field recordings, static and lovely (usually choral) samples into something new and appealing.

As I always say (and I always mean it), your mileage may vary.

Links are mostly to the artist’s page, which I think is the best way to support them if you find something you like.

Gidge – New Light
Martin Nonstatic – Treeline
Andrew Sherwell – Above Below


Here are some tracks from 2020 that made me stop and take notice. In alpha-order.

  1. Angus MacRae – Gloaming
  2. Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri – En Vacío En Sus Ojos
  3. Levi Patel – With Wings Falling (Tom Adams Rework)
  4. Logan Nelson – Hljóð
  5. Wanderwelle – Decay

For anyone with a taste for history or the very bored: Here are the lists from 2019, 201820172016201520142013, and 2012.